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All Reviews are Based on 8 Criteria

Overall Flavor

The overall flavor is a combination of everything your taste buds can perceive. Flavors can vary from fruity and sugary, to chocolatey and nutty, and everything in-between.


With nearly 1000 volatile components of coffee, the aroma allows finding hidden flavors that accentuates the coffee experience.


The body describes how viscous and thick the coffee feels on the tongue. A heavy body can be compared to a more cream-like texture.


Is the cup too bitter? Too Sweet? Does one flavor predominate? Balance describes how the flavors, acidity, and bitterness come together. Excessively bitter scores lower.

After Taste

Does the coffee leave a pleasant taste in your mouth after sipping? If so, expect a higher score here.

Acidity (Vibrance)

The term acidity in coffee is not directly correlated to a lower pH. Here, acidity refers to the sharpness, vibrancy, and if the cup has a pleasant dry taste.

Price (Affordability)

Sometimes you get what you pay for. Ranking how affordable each coffee is to ensure you're getting the best value out there.

Avg. Rating

This is the total average of all seven categories. I choose to rate on a 0-10 scale with 10 being the highest rating.

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