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From Croissants to Bacon: A Guide to Coffee Pairing

Your guide on what to eat with your favorite brews:

Hey there coffee lovers, let’s chat about one of the more neglected topics- coffee pairing! You know, finding the perfect snack to go with your morning (or afternoon) cup of joe can be a total game-changer. 

Sweet vs Savory

So, let’s get started! First of all, there are a ton of different types of coffee out there – blonde, dark roast, Colombian, donut blend, and so on. And the cool thing is, each type of coffee can pair really well with different foods and snacks. For example, if you’re sipping on a light and delicate blonde roast, you might want to try pairing it with a fruit tart or some other sweet treat. The subtle flavors of the coffee won’t overpower the delicate flavors of the pastry, and you’ll get a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness.

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On the other hand, if you’re more of a dark roast fan, you might want to go for something with a bit more oomph, like a slice of rich chocolate cake. The bold flavors of the coffee will hold their own against the chocolate, and you’ll get that perfect bittersweet combo that’ll make your taste buds sing.

But it’s not just about sweet treats – coffee can pair really well with savory foods too! If you’re munching on some toast or crackers, try pairing them with a rich and creamy cheese, like brie or camembert. The flavors of the cheese will complement the coffee’s earthy tones, and you’ll get a nice contrast of smooth and crunchy textures.

And if you’re a meat lover, don’t be afraid to experiment with some bold pairings. For example, a cup of strong Colombian coffee can go really well with some crispy bacon or even smoked salmon.  It’s best paired with savory food items like steak, roast beef, and potatoes. The bold flavor of the coffee complements the hearty and savory taste of these dishes. The saltiness of the meat will balance out the bitterness of the coffee, and you’ll get a satisfying umami flavor that’ll have you coming back for more. 

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Some popular choices

On the other hand, French vanilla coffee is a flavored blend that adds a sweet and creamy flavor to your coffee. It’s a popular choice for those who prefer a sweeter taste in their coffee. But what should you pair it with? French vanilla coffee goes well with pastries like croissants, danishes, and muffins. The sweet and creamy flavor of the coffee complements the buttery and flaky texture of the pastries. Additionally, you can pair it with sweet treats like cinnamon rolls or chocolate cake. 

Now, let’s talk about pairing foods with espressos. Due to the strong and bold flavor of an espresso shot, it pairs well with foods that have equally strong and bold flavors. For example, dark chocolate and espresso make a perfect pair. The bitter flavor of the chocolate and the coffee complement each other and create a unique taste experience.

Other great options for pairing with espressos include spicy foods, like jalapeño poppers or buffalo wings. The bold flavor of the espresso helps cut through the heat of the spicy food and balance out the taste. Additionally, cheeses like blue cheese or sharp cheddar go well with espresso due to their strong flavors. 

Experiment and have fun!

So there you have it, folks – a few fun and easy coffee pairing ideas to try out. And remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing – just experiment, have fun, and find what works for you! And hey, if you make a mistake or two along the way, that’s just part of the journey. 

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