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If you’re a fan of lattes and espressos, you know how delicious they are on their own. But have you ever considered pairing them with food? You’d be surprised at how well these coffee drinks can complement a variety of sweet and savory treats. From pastries and cakes to cheeses and meats, there are endless possibilities…

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What's the Best Brewing Method?

Everyone has the right to experience the sensation of sipping that perfect cup of coffee. Check out what I think the best brewing methods are and decide for yourself.

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Find your roast.

In part popularized due to Starbucks blonde selection, it is often considered to be the least bitter and most acidic of the roasts. These beans are taken off the roaster for the least amount of time (usually before the first crack of the beans). Often has a distinct taste highlighting the origins of the bean.

These beans are typically removed right after that first crack in the roaster. This maintains the integrity of the beans origins giving many distinct flavor choices. Both blonde and light roasts are known to have higher amounts of acidity leading to a more vibrant flavor. 

Medium roasts are what you would imagine: between light and dark roasts. They are a well-balanced choice for someone who is not sure of their coffee preferences. Some common examples of this type of roast include many Classic Roasts, Breakfast Blends, and Coffee Shop Mixes.

Dark roasts are a classic for those who enjoy the bitter taste of coffee. They are typically roasted past the second crack of the beans which reduces any origin flavor and may give a charcoal or burnt flavor that many enjoy. Often has a oily surface on top and is a staple for many coffee enthusiasts. Colombian and French Roast coffee often produces high quality dark roasts.

Best 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

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7 Surprising benefits of coffee

Drinking coffee is bad for your health! Wait… drinking it will save you? The science behind the benefits of coffee seems to change weekly. Check out current facts.

How to Brew-Automatic Coffee Maker

The automatic coffee maker allows for a quick, efficient brew that has been a stable for many homes and offices. Many benefits of using an automatic coffee pots include keeping your coffee warm for hours, having a consistent brew with just the click of a button…

The BEST brew technique for robust flavor

French press, percolators, pour-over, single pod servers, automatics brewing methods, moka pots, expresso machines. What is the best brewing method and how to decide what’s right for YOU.


How to make French Press Coffee in 5 Minutes

With so many different brewing methods out there it can be overwhelming figuring out what’s the best method to use. The French press is one of the oldest, simplest, and easiest ways to make coffee that has a more robust flavor then many other methods.