The Caffeinated Chemist

Who is the Caffeinated Chemist?

I Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Coffee And Brews.

This site is dedicated to brining you the very best, affordable coffee grounds that I can find. There are many places on the internet that have reviews for coffee beans that can cost over $100 a gram. 

If you want that then this is not the place for you. 

Here, you will find honest reviews about a large variety of different coffees that don’t break the budget. Coffee enthusiasts should not have to go broke to enjoy the best cup possible.


Find reviews of coffee grounds and coffee makers. Every coffee review is broken down into a systematic analysis of 7 different criteria. To see those criteria, check out the reviews page!

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Along with reviewing coffee, you will find posts about relevant topics surrounding coffee that may be of interest to you. Ever wonder how caffeine actually works? Curious about if people are really “addicted” to coffee?? 

Or maybe you’re wondering what your favorite drink is REALLY doing to your health. In any case, check out the blog page to see such topics along with the best (and worst) brewing techniques.

Who is the Caffeinated Chemist?

Chemistry by day; coffee connoisseur by morning. I’m currently working in a medical diagnostics research laboratory where we look at biosensor technology and cancer research. I am currently applying to Ph.D. programs in Biochemistry for after finishing my B.S. in Chemistry.

This training gives me a unique perspective on making the art of coffee into a science. What is it in coffee that keeps us alert? How do your genes effect chemical kinetics, the rate at which coffee is processed by the body? What are the best gram to mL ratio for the most flavorful cup? Courses in the degree cover Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Genetics, among others. What do any of these topics have to do with coffee…? Check out the blog to find out.