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Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee — Sumatra

What Starbucks claims: “Full-bodied with a smooth mouthfeel, lingering flavors of dried herbs and fresh earth, and almost no acidity. Our roasters love transforming these unpredictable beans from dark coral green to tiger-orange to a rich, oily mahogany, revealing bold flavors that many us of us can’t live without. Coffee from Sumatra is the foundation of our most treasured blends, and something we’ve been honored to share with you for four decades.”

Too often coffee companies give sensational but completely faulty descriptions to entice consumers into buying their flavors. However, this description is spot on. We were not disappointed with the bold yet balanced flavors that lead to an unusually great coffee sipping experience. For some people, this brew may be slightly too dark, but the light acidity and pleasing aroma mixed with the herbal and earthy accents make up for its strength. Truly one of the best cups I’ve experienced in this price range for a long time. Let us know your thoughts!

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Overall-Flavor:9 out of 10 stars (9.0 / 10)
Aroma:8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)
Body:9 out of 10 stars (9.0 / 10)
Balance:7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)
Aftertaste:9 out of 10 stars (9.0 / 10)
Strength:9.5 out of 10 stars (9.5 / 10)
Price:7.5 out of 10 stars (7.5 / 10)
Average:8.6 out of 10 stars (8.6 / 10)
Acidity(low-to-high):4 out of 10 stars (4 / 10)

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee — Sumatra





  • Strong, Robust Flavor
  • Balanced
  • Single-Origin Roast


  • Slightly Pricey
  • May be slightly bitter for some


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