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The place to find reviews on affordable but quality coffee blends, or just appreciate and enjoy everything coffee.

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Need help in choosing the perfect bean?

The Caffeinated Chemist works to provide you with the most comprehensive, detailed reviews about a wide variety of coffees. You won’t find any crazily expensive brands that no one can afford here. Everything I review is both selectively picked and affordable. In other words, here you will find lots and lots of cheap coffee reviews.

Want more ways to brew?

Still using that Keurig from last year? Time to change that. Here you can find updates on the best brewing methods out there for your specific palate.  

Pour-over method

The Caffeinated Chemist’s personal favorite brewing methods. Quick and relaxing, the pour-over method is a great way to start the morning.

A classic choice. The French press is an affordable, portable, and delicious way to brew.

French press method
moka pot review
Moka pot method

This coffee expresso blend will have you telling everybody to buy a moka pot. You won’t regret this one. Get one for under $5 today!

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Check out the blog where everything including the biochemistry of caffeine, the best brewing methods, and the health benefits (and RISKS) of coffee are discussed.

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